Mystery Salsa Party Pack

Mystery Salsa Party Pack

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Salsa and Chips Mystery Pack! Experience the excitement of our Sauced Up Salsa Mystery Fiesta Pack! This delightful bundle brings the fiesta to any occasion, featuring four randomly selected salsa flavors and a generous 1 lb bag of our signature Corn Tortilla Chips. Each pack includes:

🌽 1 lb Fresh, Gluten-Free Fiesta Corn Tortilla Chips: Indulge in crisp, golden chips, perfect for dipping and sharing with friends and family.

🍅 Randomly Selected Salsas: Embark on a flavor adventure with four unique salsa varieties. From mild classics to fiery habanero, each pack is a surprise for your taste buds.

With enough servings for up to 32 people, the Sauced Up Salsa Mystery Fiesta Pack is your ultimate choice for flavorful celebrations. Available for convenient home delivery or pick up at our Salt Lake location.

Ready to add some spice and mystery to your gatherings? Order the Sauced Up Salsa Mystery Fiesta Pack now and let the fiesta begin! ğŸŽ‰

(Included Sauced Up Salsa Vinyl Sticker)